2016 New Lozenge Bucket Chain Portable Shoulder Messenger Bag Fashion Handbags

Model: NEAW_7743


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  • Based on different cultural trends, different era, different occasio, women package decoration has evolved out of the ever-changing form.
  • You can enter the bag size, change feet form units.
  • In twentieth Century, the ladies are famous as package decoration has become a symbol of identity and authority.
  • Bag style divided for shoulder, shoulde, oblique cross and hand bag, through scientific analysis, it shows that from the labor and health point of view, the best is the backpack, followed by the messenger bag, shoulder bag, the wot is hand bag or the bag hanging on the forearm.
  • Dressed in civilian clothes, leisure and shopping with the bag, can choose vivid, colorful bag or backpack, with the relaxed mood and dress up to match. The dinner and other formal occasio, should choose more exquisite handbags, such as with the dress, but also to the owner said politely. Attend a banquet it is best to use arm type or leather bag back, not holding the bag, in order to avoid the exchange business cards or taken with meals, causing trouble.